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The MVS Realization Distinction

The Process

Our enterprise and business realization is truly a partnership involving you, our client, in defining your organization and its goals. The process typically lasts several months and involves intensive integration with the organization's management. Before initiating a new project, MVS will spend the appropriate amount of time with you and key team members to understand and evaluate the unique potential of your organization or technology and your goals. From this initial definition phase, we will craft a comprehensive proposal and appropriate plans detailing the length of the process, the requirements of both MVS and the Client, and the remuneration plan. Timelines, milestones and deliverables will be established and then reviewed periodically as the project progresses to ensure overall timeliness and success of the plan.

The MVS Realization Process

MVS Solutions will provide a draft copy of the business plan, operational plan, marketing plan, technology plan, funding plan, partnering plan or enterprise development plan for key members of the organization's management to review. Shortly after that time, MVS recommends a focused face-to-face meeting to evolve the initial draft copy into a working plan.

Because the MVS business or enterprise realization process is a partnership, it is essential that key members of the management team commit to the enterprise or business development process. This commitment is crucial not only for meeting deadlines, but also for immersion of the organization's management in the principles, strategy, details and vision of the enterprise going forward. The beliefs and philosophy of the enterprise or business plan reflects the beliefs and philosophy of the organization's management.

The Mentoring

By partnering with MVS Solutions throughout the development process, each client will utilize the unique talents and experiences of the MVS Realization Team. We will continue to work with you to prepare you for any questions or issues potentially raised by investors, partners, stakeholders or funding sources. MVS also develops presentations and strategies that are tailored and specific to each organization's unique situation and goals.

Our Compensation Philosophy

MVS Compensation Policy

The expertise necessary to successfully launch or expand any new enterprise or business costs money. In the case of many emerging enterprises and startups, MVS recognizes that cash flow is often a limitation. MVS will often substitute a portion of its fees for equity or options in our client's organization thereby aligning our incentives with our client's success. Our compensation philosophy takes into account the unique nature of each new and developing business or enterprise.

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