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In addition to providing operational plans, marketing plans, technology plans, funding plans, strategy and support for enterprise development and startups in the high tech, biotech, life sciences, medical device, medical technology, healthcare, pharmaceutical, chemistry, environmental, homeland security, nanotechnology, materials sciences and related technology industries, MVS Solutions provides customized services and support in the following:

  • Interim and Bridging Management and Executives
  • Partnering, Strategic Alliance, Private Equity and Risk Capital Investor Support
  • Virtual Enterprise and Virtual Business Development
  • Enterprise or Business Incubator and Incubation
  • Enterprise, Business, Marketing, Funding, Partnering and Operational Presentations and Analyses
  • Executive Coaching and Mentoring
  • Risk Assessment - Management Risk, Funding Risk, Technology Risk, Regulatory Risk, Intellectual Property (IP) Risk, Competition, Cost Risk, Effectiveness Risk
  • Funding - Determining the funding sources most suitable for your enterprise or business goals (private placement, venture capital, angel investors, etc.) and providing assistance in procuring funding (fund procurement).
  • Partnering - Determining the partnering sources most suitable for your enterprise or business goals and providing assistance in establishing partnering and strategic alliances.
  • Enterprise or Business Nomenclature- Determination and generation of unique names for new enterprise development and emerging businesses.
  • Website, Internet and IT
  • International Enterprise and Business Assistance and Globalization
  • Market Assessment and Analysis
  • Independent Director and Advisor Services
  • Intellectual Property (IP) Development and IP Positioning (patents, trademarks, competition, lit search, etc.)
  • Technology Development and Tech Positioning (acquire, in-house develop, out-license, merge, etc.)
  • Enterprise or Business Type - Determining the enterprise or business entity best suited for your emerging enterprise and its goals (Spinoff, Merger, Incorporate, C Corporation or C Corp, Subchapter S Corporation or S Corp, Limited Liability Company or LLC, Partnership, Sole Proprietor, etc.).

MVS Solutions provides initial assistance and continuing support for new enterprise development, small and medium enterprise development (SME), new ventures, start-up companies, growth enterprises, and emerging technologies within larger organizations - from initial concept to commercialization and/or ongoing operations.

Our clients include entrepreneurs, executives, investment professionals, independent inventors, physicians, scientists, researchers, risk capital investors, startup companies, established companies with spin-off or acquired technologies, technology transfer offices, and regional and national economic development entities.

Contact Us for additional information. Non-Disclosure and Confidentiality Agreements are available upon request.

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