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Our "A" Typical Client

MVS Solutions is proven, experienced and professional. Our clients and customers include:

  • The scientist, physician, medical or health professional who identifies a need and desires to pull together the technology, management and funding to successfully address the opportunity.
  • The investment professional or risk capital investor who recognizes the need to formalize the "back of the napkin" presentation he recently saw or envisioned.
  • The venture capital or angel investor who needs technologically savvy support from business savvy professionals.
  • The established or expanding enterprise that has assembled or developed technologies that fall outside their current focus.
  • Companies or enterprise in the midst of reinventing themselves by addressing new markets or new technologies thereby providing a new strategy and focus for their organization.
  • The startup venture or small entity that is too busy building the enterprise and addressing its daily needs but could articulate the vision if someone could just pull it all together for them.
  • The foreign enterprise or company that would like to tailor its technology or focus towards international or domestic markets.
  • The independent inventor who has developed a unique and beneficial technology and now desires to create a formal structure around the innovation.
  • The university or organization's technology transfer office or function that would like to package a particular technology as a business plan in order to increase its attractiveness for potential investors or funding.
  • Local, regional and national economic development offices and related entities who want to promote economic growth.

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