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Realizing Your Identity

Enterprise and business plans provide vision, establish expectations and align the various organizational elements of the business or enterprise. It is your business or enterprise identity. In many cases it is the first impression to other members of the community.

Realizing Your Business Identity

Gone are the frenzied days of the 90's. Investors, stakeholders, partnering companies and entrepreneurs have rediscovered the criticality of thoroughness and detail in the biotech, life sciences, pharmaceutical, chemistry, medical, healthcare, environmental, homeland security, nanotechnology, materials sciences and related technology arenas. Technology discovery is only the initial chapter of the story. A concept or an idea no longer provides a basis for securing funding, partnering or growth. As the plot develops, investors, stakeholders or partners expect a detailed plan on how the technology or enterprise will be developed or commercialized. Each company or entity must satisfactorily answer fundamental and prevalent questions raised by today's stakeholder or investor: Can they grow to the next stage? Can they achieve their stated goals? Can they execute? Can they become profitable or successful? How much? How soon?

Although early stage enterprise and startup companies as well as many small and medium enterprises (SME) may have key individuals with the desired background or skills, these individuals are often limited in terms of their time commitment. Often, bridging or part-time participation needs to be put into place until a funding, partnering or growth event occurs.

With limited skills or time, the external resources or outsourcing provided by MVS Solutions will improve the likelihood of securing a partnering, funding or growth event as well as reduce the time for such an event to occur.

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